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Our Photo Gallery

Photographer Shares Trade Secrets

Mr. Bruce Stowers, a professional photographer who spent time photographing a number of famous people including Martin Luther King and some past presidents, spoke to to the 3rd and 4th grade students on March 3. He spoke about his photographs and some important moments in history that he was able to capture This was a great opportunity for students to not only hear about important historical moments, but to see the influence of art and photographs. Larchmont has a large Photography Club, facilitated by Ms. Zabel.

Special Visitors: Therapy Dog Research Presentation

When a Student presented her "passion project" about therapy dogs to Ms. Harvey and Ms. McCord's classes, she invited Seeing Eye Dog Trainer Linda Berk to come along with Xorra and Idabelle. Students had plenty of questions about training a dog for service to the blind, and made great pals with the two German Shepherds.

Welcome to Ellis Island!

Each year, third-graders at Larchmont School experience the immigration process first-hand through a comprehensive simulation of how people from other lands were greeted as they made their way to America. While carrying all of their wordly possessions, they were questioned and their travel documents were checked, they visited the health clinic to detect any health concerns, and some were deported back to their homelands. In the end, the goal was a better understanding of the sacrifice made by many of their ancestors.

Third-Graders Experience Immigration Process

Ballerinas Visit With 4th-Grade Students at Larchmont

Dr. Tamara Fisicaro from the Cleveland San Jose Ballet visited with Larchmont's 4th-grade students during Music class on December 15. She was accompanied by Ballerina Juliet Hay from Cherry Hill, who demonstrated various dance moves. Dr. Fisicaro discussed the history of the Nutcracker Ballet, shared the strength that is required of male dancers, and answered many student questions.

Ballerinas visit with 4th-Grade Students

4th-Grade International Fair, November 22, 2016

Highlights from Larchmont's Harvest Hoopla